Why to Vote Yes in the Referendum

You should have all received your Equity Winter Magazine by now. The Audio Committee has worked extremely hard to achieve this referendum over the past year as we believe strongly that we as a group (Audio Artists) should be represented on Council as we historically have been. Council spoke against it at the Annual Conference,mainly because of the cost involved in holding a referendum, but we won the argument and achieved a two thirds majority amongst delegates to have the question put to a referendum. Now Council are supporting a YES vote. We believe strongly that it is in the interest of all Audio Artists to have this representation at every Council meeting.

The main argument against is that the Audio Committee would lose one of its members and that it would be “a waste of activist talent”. This is not in fact true. There is a separate election for Council and any of you would be able to stand for the Audio Box. If a Committee Member does stand and succeed, they would have to attend the Audio Committee meetings in their new capacity and would only lose voting rights at the Committee meetings.

We are a growing part of the industry and many issues arise on a regular basis that need prompt action so we believe that having a pair of “Audio Ears” at every Council meeting is imperative!



David John
Vice Chair Equity Audio Committee

Welcome to the Equity Audio Blog

The intention on these pages is to keep members – and visitors – updated on what we are doing, as well as to discuss issues affecting us, our Union and our industry. We’ll be posting regularly and linking to our Twitter feed, with the goal of expanding our presence across social media and offering members quick and easy access to relevant news and information, as well as ways to communicate directly with us and with the Union as a whole.

Over the coming weeks, we will introduce ourselves individually, talk through our aims and objectives, and explain a bit more about how we see the role of the Committee.  We would also like this blog to become a resource, gradually building a library of guides, articles, links, and anything else that members may find useful and be able to refer to at will.

But our very first blog is also a call to action. Members have now received voting papers with the Winter 2015 issue of the Equity magazine.


The Rule change being requested is to restore an Audio representative to the Union’s governing Council.

It’s a request that won overwhelming support at this year’s Annual Representative Conference. Regulations require a referendum before it can happen.

We’re here because you voted for us and we will be working hard to raise the profile of our corner of the industry.  Having a seat on Council will ensure that there is an Audio Artist to represent our particular needs and concerns, to explain the issues that most affect us and how we believe they should be resolved. In other words, it’s about giving Voices an extra voice.

The Equity Audio Committee