After the Referendum

Thank you to everyone who voted in the referendum. It was agreed by an 84% majority that the Audio Artists’ reserved seat on the Equity Council should be brought back – a resounding success for all of us working in Audio!

So, the question may well be what difference will it make?

The specialist committees, of which the Audio Committee is one, are intended to focus on matters directly relevant to the area of the industry in which they work. This means raising issues that are affecting members, working with Equity officials to negotiate with employers, and helping to shape Union policy by formulating motions to be proposed at the Annual Representative Conference, (ARC).

However, it is Equity’s main Council that is the driving force. While the committees meet four times a year, Council meets at least twelve times a year, enabling a much more ready response to any matters that arise which have a direct effect on members.

And if those of us working in audio sometimes feel that our voices are not being heard, having a representative on Council – and having an indisputable mandate from members to be there – sends a strong message.

The next Council elections take place in 2016. If you would like to consider standing, nominations open in February and close in May.

And whether or not you stand, please make sure you vote; polling will be in June and July.

We have a voice. Now, let’s crank up the volume!