Here is where you can find a range of information around the business of being an Audio Artist. The advice is a mix of both old and new, reaching those who are new to the area and those who are experienced veterans!

From a wealth of experience, award-winning Audiobook Narrator, Helen Lloyd, has written some thoughts and guidance on moving into audiobooks and working from a home studio in the current circumstances. She has kindly allowed us to share this here.  

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You can also visit Helen’s website at:

 MARCH 2018 

Here is a brilliant insight into the world of ADR by the BBC Radio 4 LEA Academy Programme. A great interview and practical exploration of what really goes on behind the scenes. A credit to all talent and production involved!

David John will be following up with some words on the above and their wonderful win at the Oscars, best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing! David led the ADR group on Dunkirk (recording on the HMS Belfast!) and is proud to have represented and shared this success with all actors involved.

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